Interior Design Pastel colors

Interior Redesign – Your Summer Breeze


Interior Design Pastel colors

I recently discovered the beautiful world of Interior Redesign. Another whole new area of opportunities. An area that is so close to home organizing that exploring it seems obvious. I had the great opportunity to learn about this topic by leading the Manor Home Days Special VIP Event in Geneva, presenting the new spring collection to selected clients and explaining them how organizing and redesigning your home can be a life-changer. I am not an expert (yet 😊), but I wanted to share my first learnings with you.

If you follow me, you should know by now why getting organized has lots of benefits. You declutter, you sort, you let go of the superfluous, you surround yourself with objects that spark joy, you simplify, you find a place for every item you own. Sounds easier than it is, but let’s suppose you have managed to organize your space (during Covid quarantine?) or that you are organized by nature. Well, then nothing should hold you back to go the extra mile, add the cherry on the cake and redesign your place!

Redesign is a way to get some fresh air into your home. To rediscover your own space, to unleash this exciting and new touch you have been looking for and boost your energy. We tend to believe this only occurs when we move, we change our entire furniture or tear down some walls. But it’s not! You do not need much time, money, effort or architects to do this, you can do it yourself and you can do it now! How great would it be to move without moving after all this time being confined at home and looking at the same walls and the same objects?

Practically, sit down and take a second look at the objects you have chosen to keep. The idea is to work with what you already have at home, and make a few little changes. Take advantage of summer sales, change some textiles (e.g. pillow cases), decor items, combine materials in a new way, rearrange or paint your furniture, add some colors and play around with your lightening.

The outcome can be stunning. The key point here is that our eyes get used to static objects very fast. We simply do not SEE our stuff anymore. All the candles, pictures and souvenirs we accumulate on our walls and shelves. By moving them around, removing items to enhance what is left (less is more!!!!) and adding some new touches, our eyes get something new to see which automatically cheers up our mood and creates sensation. By the way, this is true for children as well: try moving around the toys and shelves and they will look at their “new” room as though it was Christmas.

But let’s get back to today’s topic:

  • Did you know that pastel colors are super trendy, go well with white and can be combined with each other perfectly? They are elegant, cozy and joyful and enlighten dark, heavy furniture or rooms. Baby blue has a calming, meditating impact on our minds, whereas light green and rose are more romantic colors. You can buy various trendy pastel items and mix them with what you already have at home (e.g. pillow, blankets, vases…)
  • Pastel colors go well with metal, in particular gold colors and rose copper (e.g. lamps or picture frames). And they look great with pure, light wooden furniture or decor items (e.g. Scandinavian style).
  • You can extend this idea to daily use items. Combining the practical with the beautiful is what I love the most. Try to have as few things as possible, but chose quality items that spark a lot of joy and last for a long time (e.g. nice looking baskets/boxes, tea service, towels…)
  • Redesigning your bedroom and giving it a very personal touch will help you relax, escape from daily stress, read, take time for yourself and most importantly sleep better! Try a couple of decorative pillows, nice bed sheets and some plants and make it a habit to make your bed every morning!


Karen Kingston says: “When you take care of your home, you express love and respect for yourself.” Why don’t you try and bring your summer organizing to next level? Boost your home ambiance, your energy and your well-being by redesigning your own home! Uncover the joy and beauty that surrounds you. Believe me, it’s a worthwhile extra mile.

For more info check out the Swiss Association for Homestaging & Redesgin:


Photo by Maarten Deckers on Unsplash

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