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Essay about The Chair


Clothes decluttering storingHere it is – one of human kind’s mysteries: The Chair. The Chair that is always standing just right there, right there between the bed and the closet. The Chair that looks so lonely, cold and empty, as if it was begging you for a cover. The Chair that seems to be the tailored solution for your half clean half dirty clothes, born and set up with the sole purpose of letting your laundry live a little longer in your bedroom.

Does that sound like Your Chair? Probably, everybody possesses such a nice Chair that nobody ever considered sitting on, as it is dutifully serving your clothes. Most of those Chairs are doomed to a life of clutter. And we live with it. Every morning we pass by it, throw something else on the pile, feel our energy level drop and do as if we hadn’t noticed it (“if I don’t look at it, the pile will probably sort itself…”).

Well, here comes the bad news: go have another look at Your Chair. It’s probably still there. Not getting better, cleaner, lighter. It’s time for you to stand up, and change this situation. Dig deeper into its mystery and fight it. Rebel yourself, lift your arms up, make a happy dance and act. Because yes, there are solutions, yay! There is a path you can follow that will lead you to a clutter-free night-time and wake-up call, that will take away your bad ‘I’ll just throw it there for a while” conscience, that will let you walk straight up to your beautiful closet and choose the most amazing fresh folded clothes.

All you have to do is decide! Decide to take action, take back control over Your Chair and use it to sit on it. If you follow me, and you believe you are have reached that point in your life, then you are ready to embrace my tips:

  • Take the pile of clothes, throw it on your bed and relocate Your Chair to a place where it can live a harmonious, purposeful life of a chair.
  • Install a simple and discreet hook behind your door, next to your closet or on the wall.
  • Go through your clothes, and decide if it’s dirty (throw it in the laundry basket) or clean (fold it nicely and put it back in the closet) OR, in case you are keeping a half clean half dirty piece you want to wear the next day or you occasionally put on (e.g. bathrobe)….well then hang it on the hook or find a place in your closet you use for this purpose only.
  • Be strong and commit yourself to keeping The Chair in its new home, and your clothes where they belong. Once it becomes part of your morning and evening routine your clothes will be back in place before you even notice.

Enjoy your clutter-free bedroom! 🙂

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