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CHRISTMAS! Definitely my favorite time of the year. Candles, lights and decorations start spreading the cozy atmosphere, we feel love and peace, we unwind and think about the nice family moments we will live together. Snow might be falling and we feel the thrill of Christmas Eve coming, especially when we have children. Their eyes sparkle, excitement is at its highest, just because anticipation is the greatest pleasure!

Ok, I must admit I am not a poet. So let’s get back to reality. Who of you would love to unwind and feel the peace and harmony, yet has not found the way to reach that point due to gift buying stress, extensive workload, fatigue, kids going nuts, countless Christmas parties to attend, last minute cards to send and a New Year’s party to organize? Sounds familiar?

I would like to share with you my 5 personal tips to avoid the annual year end rush and be able to enjoy the Christmas magic. There is nothing more revitalizing than living your ideal Christmas!

  1. “Sciences is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.” (Immanuel Kant)

Let me start with some traditional organizing tips. They are the foundation to a relaxed Christmas.

  • Start planning the following Christmas on January 1st. Keep a list of gift ideas for yourself, your kids and others…collect all the ideas that pop up throughout the year. You know that the best ideas appear under the shower and not when pushing through deadlines at end of December. Do the same for cards, decoration, food ideas or anything else that you like to be creative for.
  • Beginning of November, make a list with everything you want and need to do for Christmas (including tree and gift purchases, crafts, outfits, food, decoration, parties etc.). Block the time in your agenda and set up reminders. Share your gift ideas with your friends and family if needed.
  • Once Christmas is over, take the time to sort and organize your Christmas supplies and decorations. You will be so grateful for your work the year after!


  1. “For Christmas is tradition time — Traditions that recall
    The precious memories down the years, The sameness of them all.”
    (Helen Lowrie Marshall)

Create your OWN family traditions. Do not copy others, forget peer pressure and society norms. This is your time, your choice to make it magical. Traditions are family anchors, build childhood memories of peace and safety, they create a sense of belonging and trust. Children anticipate these traditions every year, which increases their joy and sparkle. Humans love repetition, especially when we talk about Christmas. Why not making cookie baking, tree trimming, decoration crafting or story reading a ritual that everyone can look forward to?

  1. “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” (Mother Theresa)

How about doing something good for the planet and your wallet and sharing all your love with your family and friends? How? By not buying any present! Avoid the clutter, packaging and useless gift buying stress. Instead give memories or activities like event tickets or memberships. Give your time to help others out, upcycle old toys, buy second hand or even better craft or bake them yourself. Think about it, a plastic toy will last a year and then vanish. A memory will stay forever!

  1. “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” (The Polar Express)

Once you have managed and enjoyed all the pre-Christmas tasks, switch off the lights. Take time to be. Enjoy the magic. Sit down by your fireplace, close your eyes and breathe deeply. Be grateful. Children believe in Santa even when their reason tells them he does not exist. Why? Because they want the magic to surround them, they live in the present, they soak in all the moments they share with their family. Try to become a child again and believe in what you cannot see. And do not do this “if you have time after all the logistics”. Plan for it if needed, schedule the quality time in your agenda.

  1. “Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection.” (Winston Churchill)

Take some time to be by yourself and reflect upon the past year. Did you reach your objectives? What was positive? What could be improved? What are you grateful for? Once you are in a positive mindset, plan the following year. Write down your big goals and how you want to reach them. Set your priorities, think about your ideal year. Then share your thoughts with your loved once and create a family plan. That ways you will be able to live the benefits of your Christmas magic all year long J

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you!


  1. Picture: Photo by JESHOOTS on Unsplash
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